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#cookiesandkindness Is Inspiring Artists and Bakers

This morning I found this fabulous illustration in my inbox.  Done by Jessie Kanelos Weiner, aka @thefrancofly, it was inspired by my call for people to bake cookies and to share them in the #cookiesandkindness project.  Isn’t it wonderful!  Jessie lives in Paris and is the author of an adult coloring book for foodlovers: Edible Paradise.  Here’s Jessie’s complete illustration – it came with a note saying that she thought it was easier to make this beautiful drawing than to let butter come to room temperature. Insert smile emoji.

@thefrancofly is inspired by #cookiesandkindness

@thefrancofly is inspired by #cookiesandkindness


Love that she included some of my favorite cookies from Dorie’s Cookies: Do you see the World Peace Cookies?  And the Jammers?  And the Hamantaschen and the Snowy-Topped Brownie Drops and the Melody Cookies?

And while we’re here … here a few more pictures of what cookie-bakers have been sharing.

@food52 @jamesransom_nyc and #cookiesandkindness

@food52 @jamesransom_nyc and #cookiesandkindness

Don’t forget that Food 52 has a new book coming out: A New Way to Dinner


@sprinklescandace and #cookiesandkindness

@sprinklescandace and #cookiesandkindness

And Candace has a book coming out on the same day as Dorie’s Cookies: The Sprinkles Baking Book


@les_saveurs_de_mimi and #cookiesandkindness

@les_saveurs_de_mimi and #cookiesandkindness

Love that Mimi downloaded the cookie tags from here.


@mykugelhopf and #cookiesandkindness

@mykugelhopf and her daughter Chloé and #cookiesandkindness

Wait until you see, bake, taste, share the fabulous Multi-Grain Chocolate Chip Cookies that Kerrin Rousset aka @mykugelhopf gave me for Dorie’s Cookies – it’s amazing!

Keep baking cookies.  Keep sharing what you bake.  Keep posting what you bake and share.  Tag your posts with:

#cookiesandkindness @doriegreenspan and #Dories_Cookies so I can find you – xoDorie 


Dorie Greenspan


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