Cookies And Kindness

#cookiesandkindness : Let’s Make The World A Sweeter Place!

You can always count on cookies and kindness: Give a cookie and you get joy.

For months now, I’ve been planning a revolution. I want to make the world a sweeter place by baking and sharing delicious cookies. And I want you to do this with me.

Here’s the short version of the #cookiesandkindness project:

I want you and your peeps to

Bake cookies

Share them

Post what you share

Hashtag your posts #cookiesandkindness

If you want me to find you, tag them #Dories_Cookies and @doriegreenspan

Repeat … and repeat … and repeat

Extra points if you surprise someone with cookies!

Post wherever you want – on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or your own blog.

To help you along, every month I’ll post a #cookiesandkindness recipe from my new book. Back-to-School is September’s theme, and the recipe is the adorable Two-Bite One-Chip Cookies.  Of course, you can bake, share and post any cookie you love.

Two-Bite One-Chip Cookies from Dorie's Cookies

Two-Bite One-Chip Cookies from Dorie’s Cookies/Photo by Davide Luciano

And if you want stickers, tags and cards to dress up the cookies you’ll be sharing, get them here.

To your ovens! Ready, set, bake, share and post. Let’s make the world as sweet as it can possibly be.

I’ve got a merry band of kind cookie-bakers with me – they’re listed below so you can follow them – join us!

             xoxo Dorie

TEAM #cookiesandkindness – so far … 

Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs/@food52

Amy Emberling/@zingermansbakehouse

Candace Nelson/@sprinklescandace @sprinklescupcakes

Carla Hall/@carlaphall

Charlotte Druckman/@chardrucks


Christina Tosi/@milkbarstore @christinatosi

Claudia Ficca (who styled all the photos in Dorie’s Cookies)/@claudiaficca

David Tamarkin/@davidtamarkin @epicurious

Davide Luciano (who took all the photos for Dorie’s Cookies)/@davideluciano

Deborah Balint/@rainydaybites

Edd Kimber/@theboywhobakes

Elettra Wiedemann/ @elettraw

Elizabeth Falkner/@cheffalkner

Erica Tannen/@theelist

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Culinary/@hmhcooks

Kerrin Rousset/@mykugelhopf

Kerry Diamond/@cherrybombemag

Mardi Michels/@eatlivtravwrite

Maria Lichty/@twopeasandpod


Michelle Lopez/@hummingbirdhigh

Sarah Kiefer/@sarah_kieffer 

Tara Brady/@taraobrady

Tim Mazurek/@timmazurek

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  1. So very excited for this sweet revolution 🙂 We all need a little more joy (aka cookies) in our lives!

    1. Welcome to the revolution! I’m so happy that you’re part of this and yes, we all need more joy and more cookies in our lives – xoxo

  2. Best sweet wishes for a tasty project. I added a link to my own blog today for #cookiesandkindness. I often gather some kids (adults, too) at holiday time for baking and/or decorating cookies together on a Saturday in December. We’ll post it with #cookiesandkindness this year. Great idea. Many thanks!

    1. You are – and have always been – kind. And you’re a baker and cookie-lover. All wonderful things. Thanks for joining our merry band of bakers – xoDorie

  3. I have all your cookbooks and am so excited for this new one!! I will definitely be baking along with this project.. what a great idea! I’ll be making these tonight and taking them into school for the teachers to say thanks for a great first week of school! Best of luck with the new book… I know it will be amazing!!

    1. Thank you so, so much. I’m crazy excited about this new book and glad you are too. I love that you’ll be baking for teachers tomorrow. Let me know how happy they are and, if you can, take a picture. Have fun!

  4. So excited about this project Dorie! My boys favorite thing to bake is cookies, so this is going to go over like gangbusters in my house. Im very happy the TWD bakers are jumping on board, too.

    1. I love how much your boys love cookies and love baking them. You did all the right things with them. And thank you for all the TWD love – it means a lot to me. Smooches to you and the family – xoDorie

  5. I’ve been thinking of a way to share the news that my dad passed away a couple of weeks ago but wasn’t sure about what to say on social media. Today I learned of the #cookieandkindness project and inspiration struck. My dad loved cookies as much as I do. Not only was he my best customer, he was a willing assistant who helped plan and assemble our annual Valentine care package to my nephews (his grandsons). He relished his self-appointed role as my official taster, though he wasn’t the best man for the job because he never met a cookie he didn’t like. In searching for bright memories of his final few days, I take comfort in knowing the last thing he ate was two chocolate chip cookies. As a tribute to my dad, I plan to be an enthusiastic participant in the #cookieandkindness project.

    1. Lauren, I opened this comment while I was waiting for a bus in Paris, and when the bus arrived, my eyes were filled with tears. This is so very lovely. I am so sorry to hear of your father’s death – I know how difficult it is to lose a parent – but I think that you will find joy baking cookies in his memory and with his memory. xo

  6. This is absolutely perfect and I LOVE this!! I was just thinking a few weeks ago how I would like to add a monthly bake along to my business page which would encourage people to bake and be inspired. My intent was to bake recipes that were not my own but from those who inspire, so this came at the perfect time. Combined with the #cookiesandkindness theme (who doesn’t
    Both) it doesn’t get better. Thank you!! I am IN!!

    1. Lori, this is wonderful! Welcome to the band of merry, kind bakers. I love your idea for a bake-along and am thrilled that you and yours will be baking from Dorie’s Cookies. So lovely! Keep me posted on what you’re doing – your Tropical Breeze Cupcake looks great!

  7. As someone who jut got into baking I had my wife suggest that I should start baking along with the #cookiesandkindness blog. I couldn’t have been happier with this first recipe. I made one alteration by adding and extra 1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon to add extra flavor along with the dark chocolate chip. I can’t wait to se what is next and share wat comes out of my kitchen with others.

    1. Scott, I love that you’re baking and really love that you’re baking cookies to share. Welcome to the happy world of #cookiesandkindness!