Cookies And Kindness This and That

Who’s Baking for #cookiesandkindness? Christina and Karlie

Christina Tosi of Milk Bar is on my list of favorite people – has been for a long time.  Not only is she adorable – which she is; and talented – which she is; she’s a tireless supporter of Cookies for Kids Cancer, an organization that’s near and dear to me as well.  And now, as you can, she’s as a #cookiesandkindness baker along with her BFF, supermodel and cookie-baker Karlie Kloss.  Smooches to them both.

Want to join them, me and so many other bakers?  

Bake cookies.  Share the cookies.  Post pictures and/or stories of what you’ve baked and shared.

Tag your pictures with #cookiesandkindness and tag me @doriegreenspan so I can find you.

And if you bake one of my recipes from my new book, please tag it #Dories_Cookies.

Need one of those recipes?  Bake these delicious Two-Bite One-Chip Cookies.


Dorie Greenspan


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