xoxoDorie is moving — everything you need to know

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Bonjour! Hello! Greetings! And I’ve got big news!

I’m packing up my xoxoDorie kitchen and moving my trusty pots and whisks to a new home. And I’m going to take you with me. Although I can only do this if you continue to subscribe to this newsletter, so PLEASE DON’T CANCEL THIS SUBSCRIPTION — do that and your name will be off the mailing list and I won’t be able to contact you. And you know that I want you at my housewarming party!


Bulletin, which is the Meta/Facebook platform that I publish xoxoDorie on, is shutting down. It’s been a great run! I’m terrible at math, but given that I’ve been publishing nonstop from June 2021, I’ve got about 150 editions of xoxoDorie in the archives. When I look back at them, I’m kind of overwhelmed — there’s so much in there. And it was so much fun. I loved writing for you! And loved hearing from you!

When I published recipes, I loved seeing that you made them. I loved seeing how you played around with them, seeing the way you riffed on them. I loved when you wrote about the memories that certain recipes brought back. Or the way you shared what you made and created new memories. I loved when you told me about other recipes and authors and books. And I loved sharing my favorites with you. The conversations were great.

When I published reminiscences or travel logs or suggestions from Paris, my “other” hometown, I loved when you shared yours.

I was so lucky that Meta gave me the chance to create this newsletter and supported me through the adventure. The prize was YOU. There are thousands and thousands of you reading xoxoDorie and I’m thrilled that each of you is here. It means the world to me. Thank you.


I’m moving xoxoDorie to Substack. There’ll be some changes — new opportunities always bring new things to play around with — but I’ll keep writing, keep sending you stories and recipes, kitchen tips and travel tales. Of course, I’d love to keep writing to you, so hold tight until I begin in November.

DON’T CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION. I’ve got one more post for you this month — one that’s truly important, and I don’t want you to miss it — but I can only get it to you if you stay on the xoxoDorie mailing list. Don’t worry — I’ll get you moved over to the new place. You don’t have to do a thing! I’m moving the archives over there too, so you won’t miss any of the recipes and stories you’ve loved.

For now, stay tuned. And if you’re a member of BAKE AND TELL, stay put. The group isn’t going anywhere. I’m working on your next baking project even as I type.

Thank you x 1000 for being your wonderful selves. I’m looking forward to us sharing more deliciousness.