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Welcome to My Digital Home

If home were as beautifully designed, neat, organized, chockfull of stories, pictures, news, recipes and books as my new digital home, I might never get out the door. Good thing this place doesn’t have a kitchen or you know I’d be here 24/7.

Look around and you’ll see what I mean. Unlike my real home (or my real life), there’s a place for everything and, remarkably, everything’s in its place.

At home, I’ve got pictures and notices and recipes pinned to cupboards and walls (that’s my office wall above), stacked on my desk, scribbled in notebooks and tossed into folders; here, they’re arranged as neatly and logically as they are in my books.

And, speaking of books, I’ve got them in every room and on every surface; here they live where they should, on a bookshelf.

There’s a place for my travel pix and stories and a spot I can catch you up on what’s new, including dates for my upcoming book tour (when I get them) and info on how we can get together, stuff that I’ve been reading that’s fun and general tidbits.

And the Glossary from Around My French Table, which I love, has a permanent home here too.

Wander around, open the doors, look in the nooks and crannies, explore and be surprised. I’m just getting started and so not all of the rooms are furnished yet, but I’ve moved in and will figure it out as I go along. There’s lots of new stuff and there’ll be new stuff all the time. There’ll even be a monthly newsletter — sign up! (Scroll to the bottom of the homepage.)

Stop by often. The door’s always open and, even without a kitchen, there’s always something cooking – xoDorie

Dorie Greenspan


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    1. Aww, thank you. I’m just trying to get used to it and I’m still moving the furniture around. Come back soon – there’ll be more to discover.

  1. Amazing! Congrats on the new space! Happy baking!
    P.S. I love a good glossary so I’m extra excited about that 😉

    1. Thank you so much. And I’m so glad you’re going to explore the Glossary – it’s one of my favorite things!

  2. And, add to the “About me” page that you are an incredibly nice person!
    The website is beautiful Dorie…..

    1. Merci wonderful Mardi – can’t believe that after walking endless miles on the Camino, you had time to chime in. You are, as I’ve said over and over, amazing! xo

  3. Help! I’m looking for the recipes that used to be on your blog. My family loves the cocoa crumbs from June 28, 2012 that I always meant to print off, but I haven’t (sadly). When I tried to pull up the site to make them to go with ice cream, I was told ‘page not found’. Is there any way to get the recipe? Please, please, please.

    1. Eliza, I don’t know that I can grab that recipe, but I’ll try to re-post cocoa crumbs for you. Sorry that your family had to miss them on ice cream – hope that didn’t get as grumpy as I would have.

  4. Oops! What is your email address? Referring to per website; it came back undeliverable (yikes!). … While speaking with Christopher Kimball on Milk Street Radio — podcast #114, February 11, 2017 — you mentioned vanilla extract with “pulp.” I am sure you did not mean with “wood pulp” which is what came up on my Google search. (no-no) Any suggestions for brand or label tag to look for in locating this product? Continue to celebrate ‘innovative creativity.’ Thank you very much.

    1. The ‘pulp’ I was talking about is the inside seeds of a vanilla bean, often referred to as pulp. The brand of vanilla that I use is made by Sonoma Syrup Co and is called “Crush”.