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What Will Clark Kent Do? The Last of NYC’s Phonebooths

You’re looking at a relic – one of only four enclosed phonebooths remaining in Manhattan.  This one is just a block from my apartment on West End Avenue and, interestingly, the other three are also on West End Ave.  I don’t know how they survived, but I’m glad they did.  And I bet our son, Joshua, is even gladder, because my guess is that he had lots of important I-don’t-want-my-parents-to-hear conversations in this glass box on the corner of West 90th Street.  Joshua, we couldn’t hear those convos, but we knew you were having them – there was a clear sight line from the bedroom to the booth.

I can’t remember the last time I saw someone using that phone — except movie stars; film crews are always scouting the location.  (In fact, this picture came from a NYC Scouting Site.) Still there’s something comforting about looking out the window and seeing it there.  And yes, I continue to hope that one day I’ll catch Clark Kent squeezing himself into it and Superman flying out of it.  Some dreams never die.

Dorie Greenspan

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  1. Thanks for this post! I didn’t think there were any phone booths left at all good to know should check them out before they disappear!By the way, love your books,!