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Eclairs: The Pastry Chefs’ Plaything

No, no, macarons aren’t over – they’re just as beloved and as beautiful as always in Paris – but éclairs are moving up on the trendmeter, mostly thanks to Christophe Adam.  Adam started his – and our – obsession with éclairs when he was the chef pastry chef at Fauchon and now he’s the roi of éclairs and at the head of a few éclair-only pastry shops in Paris, L’Eclair de Génie.

Eclairs, made of pâte à choux, or cream-puff dough, are perfect for playing around: they can be sweet or savory and they bake with hollow interiors, perfect space for any kind of filling.

Here’s an Adam/Fauchon Mona Lisa éclair from many years ago – it’s still spectacular

small mona lisa eclairs

From a Paris shop, the name of which I can’t remember, caprese salad éclairs, complete with little vials of balsamic

Caprese Eclair


Eclairs like Paris-Brest, the famous coffee and hazelnut dessert

paris brest eclairs

And this chocolate beauty from Un Dimanche à Paris  (A Sunday in Paris), which, happily for me, is just up the street from my apartment and around the corner from L’Eclair de Génie.  I live in Sugarplum Central.

dimanche a paris eclair

And if you want to make éclairs at home, here’s a new, fun book that’ll teach you how: Jenny McCoy’s Modern Eclairs

Modern Eclairs by McCoy

Dorie Greenspan

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