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And Now for Something Silly: French Poodles in France

Yes, these are silly.  And yes, you probably don’t want to eat them.  But admit it: they made you smile.  They certainly gave me a giggle.  I saw these meringue pooches in a pastry shop in Nice and had to grab a shot of them.  I love how goofy French pastry chefs can get.  Most of the time French pâtisserie is sleek and tailored, sophisticated and super-tasteful … and then sometimes it’s not.  I think the loopiest creations come out for Easter and Christmas, but then there are these little pets.

Every time anyone tells me that the Riviera is snooty, I’m going to pull out this pix.

And oui, these made me think of the really fun things that my friends Karen Tack and Alan Richardson, the authors of Hello, Cupcake, do:

hello cupcake cover

Dorie Greenspan

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