The other night, at one of my favorite Paris bistrots,…

The other night, at one of my favorite Paris bistrots, @bistrotpaulbert Michael and I had three dishes so seasonal that we won’t be able to have them in a few weeks. First there were scallops in their shells. These were cooked in a butter flavored with kari gosse, a spice blend from Brittany with flavors from India. A little of that butter and a spoonful of those mashed potatoes … easy to put on repeat. And then (image 2), farm eggs, sunny side up, with black truffles. Just a couple of weeks more and the scallops and the truffles will be a delicious memory. And there were also couteaux de mer ( image 3). Loved that the clams were cooked with chorizo – a very good idea. It’s wonderful to enjoy food in the season, nice to have the chance to miss it, and lovely to welcome it back.

Dorie Greenspan

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