#Repost @surlatable with @repostapp Read down and you’ll see that the…

#Repost @surlatable with @repostapp

Read down and you’ll see that the recipe for these are in the link in the @surlatable profile – I’ve taken over their Instagram today! ・
I’m @doriegreenspan and I’m back again, taking over the @SurLaTable Instagram and Facebook feeds to celebrate #chocolatedippedanythingday Here’s a set of cookies from my new book #DoriesCookies I call them #GoodBetterBestCookies Make a single almond-cinnamon cookie and it’s good. Sandwich two together with a cookie-spread filling and it’s better. Dip the sandwich in chocolate and it’s the best – of course it is! You can find my recipe in the link in profile.

Dorie Greenspan