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#Repost @johnkernick (@get_repost)
Repost from @nytmag @doriegreenspan’s favorite sound? “The chime of glasses touching in a toast.” Greenspan has lived in #Paris part time and hosted dinner parties there for over twenty years. She often has people over for dinner on Mondays, when other restaurants and shops in the city are closed and her friends who work in food are free to have her cook for them for a change. “People in the food business are easy to feed: They’re grateful to have someone else in the kitchen and forgiving if things aren’t just so.” Learning the #French way of doing things took time — Greenspan even bought a little book so that she could teach herself how to cut cheeses in their proper shape. Read the full story of Greenspan’s recent dinner party for @nytmag, from the market to candlestubs at midnight, by clicking the link in our bio. Photographed by @johnkernick #NYTCooking #dinner #johnkernickphotography

Dorie Greenspan