From disaster to dessert. I had blueberries from the farm…

From disaster to dessert. I had blueberries from the farm stand and a few rolled-out rounds of dough in the freezer, so I decided to make a quick galette. I mixed the berries with a little sugar, lime zest and juice, sprinkled some bread crumbs over the center of the dough, put the berry mix over the crumbs and started folding up the edges of the dough. As soon as I touched the dough, I realized I’d made a mistake – I’d pulled out a round of thinly rolled sweet tart dough rather than a round of just-a-little-thicker-and-a-while-lot-sturdier galette dough. I tried to soldier on, but each time I lifted the dough, it tore. My husband walked into the kitchen, saw the mess and said, “Lost, huh?” I started to nod in agreement, when it occurred to me that I could just flip the whole thing into a pan and make a top-crust-only pie. The dough didn’t flip – it was too soft and broken at that point – so I just stuck pieces of it over the berries, patching the berry-stained scraps as best as I could. It looked a mess when I put it in the oven and it wasn’t all that beautiful when I pulled it out – because some pieces of the dough had been marked by sugar and juice, they baked very dark – but boy was it good. #nevergiveup
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Dorie Greenspan