Breakfast 🥞 = Vacation While I adore all things morning…

Breakfast 🥞 = Vacation While I adore all things morning food, most mornings it’s a nibbly something and a couple of cappuccinos. But while we’re in New Zealand and Australia, it’s breakfast every day. A buckwheat-ricotta pancake made in a cast-iron skillet (really a pan cake) topped with caramelized apples, honey pecans and served with yogurt. Next, a breakfast sandwich with poached egg, avocado (natch), bacon and chili mayo. Sometimes breakfast was sweet pastry – snail and croissant- and sometimes savory – a cheese snail (a really nice idea). When we get back, I wonder if making delicious breakfasts will keep the vacay vibe going. Certainly worth a try.

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Dorie Greenspan