After being on the road for a month (I’ve finished…

After being on the road for a month (I’ve finished half on my #everydaydorie tour), the last thing I wanted to do was get on another plane … but that’s the only way to get to Paris and that’s really, really where Michael and I wanted to be. We arrived today and we’re staying only until next Wednesday, this trip is a little foolish and a lot wonderful. The weather is gray and drizzling – in other words, typical for this time of year – and the shop windows were decked out for the holidays. This first picture is the window of @pierrehermeofficial on rue Bonaparte. It’s the original shop and it’s now joined by a café across the street. And it wasn’t just the windows that were filled with holiday delights (I’ll be posting more pictures over the weekend) – the food magazines are fully holiday-ized- at least 80% of them feature pastries. It’s a sweet time of year in a very sweet place.

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Dorie Greenspan