Summer Berry Sundaes

As you’ll read, ice cream is the only food … well, along with M&Ms and salty black licorice … that renders me defenseless.  As in, so defenseless that I’d take food out of my own child’s mouth.  And have.  There!  I’ve confessed.

But my recipe for Summer Berry Sundaes makes enough that there’s plenty to share.  You can make the sundae with storebought ice cream, of course, but if you’ve got an ice cream maker and a little time, I’d love for you to make mine: it’s made with fresh raspberries, buttermilk, yogurt and vodka, the secret to its fabulous texture.  

It all get’s sundae-ized with a crushed raspberry drizzle-over and lightly whipped cream with a touch of tang.  Oh, and some sweetened, syrupy mixed berries, too.  It’s not just fabulous delicious, it’s beautiful too.

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Photograph by Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post.

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Summer Berry Sundaes 

You can get the recipe here.