Next-Day Strata: T-giving Leftovers Become Brunch

This is the dish that just grew and grew.  With turkey and chunky whole-berry cranberry sauce leftover, what was I going to do after Thanksgiving?  My wonderful husband, Michael, wasn’t going to want a turkey sandwich.  After 100 years of marriage, had he declared himself in the mood for such a thing, I’d have been as shocked as if he’d said he was just stepping out to run a marathon.  I, on the other hand, adore turkey, and would eat it all the time.  And so, with Jack Spratt and his wife in mind, I created this dish, which everyone loves.  In fact, I love it so much I sometimes roast a turkey breast so that I can make it.  And yes, it’s just as great with leftover chicken.

It’s a strata, or a savory bread pudding, which means that, by definition, it’s a do-ahead dish.  Mine is made with cinnamon-swirl bread and has turkey, cranberry sauce (there’s a make-it-in-10-minutes recipe included with the strata), cheddar, spinach or kale and sriracha, because sriracha.  

The recipe is here – it’s one of my Everyday Dorie recipes for Washington Post Food (Photo by Deb Lindsey)

Photo by Deb Lindsey

Photo by Deb Lindsey


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Next-Day Turkey and Cranberry-Sriracha Strata 

Find the recipe from Washington Post Food here.