Marinated and Seared Steak

Whenever friends come for a meal, I never make a steak.  Steak, as good as it is, seems too simple to serve, too much like something my friends might have made for themselves during the week.  But we were six at the table a couple of weeks ago and the main course was steak and – you know the punchline – Everyone loved it!

Because I wanted to make the steak a little special, I marinated it in a mix of soy and ginger, garlic, a pinch of sugar and some Thai curry paste.  It was a 2-second job to put together the marinade, but it paid off in big (very big) flavor.  While the steak was cooking, a heated the marinade and presto-chango, it became a sauce.  Boy it was good!

The story and recipe are here.  They’re one of my Everyday Dorie columns for Washington Post Food.

Photograph by Goran Kosanovic for the Washington Post. 

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