Earthy Coddled Eggs: They’re what’s for a cozy breakfast or a ritzy dinner

I’m a sucker for coddled eggs, served in a cup, slightly set around the edges, oozy in the center and perfect for any meal, fancy-pants or plain.  Coddled eggs, sometimes called baked eggs (I steam mine, which is cinchy), always seem elegant to me, even when they’re served in their simplest form: unadorned with toast soldiers or points.  Add a little something – here I add quickly sauteed mushrooms and a splash of cream – and the party begins.

Speaking of parties … I have a friend who regularly makes a coddled-egg party.  She sets out little bowls of toppings, such as minced herbs, chopped scallions or shallots, bacon bits, salmon roe or caviar, roasted peppers and/or tomatoes, pesto and/or tapenade; and a selection of dippers, think toast (of course it can be gluten-free), bread sticks (better yet, bread sticks wrapped in prosciutto or Spanish ham), crackers, strips of crisp bacon.

Make these once and you’ll be expert; make them twice and you’ll be a lifelong fan.

The recipe is here, along with tips.  (It was my pre-New Year’s Everyday Dorie Column for Washington Post Food.)

Photo by Goran Kosanovic for Washington Post Food

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Earthy Coddled Eggs

Find the recipe here.