Yogurt: Three Recipes

So, loving yogurt as I do, it was really fun for me to create three new yogurt-centric recipes for Parade’s HealthyStyle Magazine, and really exciting to make food with great taste, not many calories (the salad’s only got 70 calories/serving!) and not much fat, either.

The salad in the picture is a mix of beets (canned; my mother used to serve them all the time, but I don’t think I’d had them since I was a kid — a mistake: they’re a great convenience food), grape tomatoes, scallions, greens and a tangy dressing made with Dijon mustard, lime juice (so good with beets) and yogurt, of course. 

Broccoli soup with yogurtThere’s also a recipe for this simple, simple broccoli soup that I serve with a spoonful of curried yogurt, and another for chicken cutlets, marinated in chili-spiked yogurt, quickly roasted (just 15-20 minutes in the oven) and then topped with a mango-pepper salsa that’s  got some yogurt, too.

While I’m still going to have my standard apple-and-yogurt lunch, I just might have the chicken for dinner.

Click here to get the recipes.  And, if you’ve got some favorite yogurt recipes, I’d love it if you’d share them.

Photos by Adrian Mueller for Parade.

Dorie Greenspan