What’s New, Cupcake?

As they did before, Karen and Alan start with basic cupcakes and then, using their completely quirky imaginations and heaps of supermarket ingredients — frostings and sprinkles and candy and candy and more candy — they go absolutely wild, creating jewels and animals, robots and race cars, cute critters and incredible centerpieces. 

I giggled my way through the book, the whole time marveling at their outrageous talent -and I’m not a newcomer to their wit:  Alan Richardson did the photography and Karen Tack did the styling for both Baking From My Home To Yours and my newest book, Around My French Table.  So I know — or at least I thought I knew — how ingenious they can be.  They’ve outdone themselves!

The book is pure fun!

PS: Just for a little more fun, here’s another look at one of Karen’s (many) sprinkle cupboards.  (Click here for a different behind-the-scenes peek.)

the sprinkle armoire.jpg


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