The Muffin Man of the Boulevard Raspail Market

It’s a narrow, lively market with a very old-timey village-fair  feel to it.  When you go, I’d suggest that you start at the end of the market near the rue du Cherche-Midi and buy a leek and potato galette (pancake) from Les Gustalins, the stand just to the right as you enter. You can’t miss it – first you’ll catch the aroma of the galettes, then you’ll see the long line of regulars impatient to get their weekly fix hot off the griddle.  Once you’ve got your fingers wrapped around a galette, then you can stroll, munch and ogle the fabulous fruits and vegetables, fish, birds of every feather (many still with those feathers) and truly tantalizing cheese stands. (Don’t miss the goat cheeses at Philippe Gregoire’s adorable stand.)

Midway through the market, you’ll come to Michael Healy, whose English muffins are the gold standard in muffindom.

Click here to read about The Muffin Man and his wares (scroll to my post of April 11).


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