The Baker: Bacon-Cheddar Quick Bread with Dried Pears

For this first installment, the subject is savory quickbreads, the story, which I hope you’ll read, is about how logical the French are and how many rules they have for everything, especially food, and the recipe is for this loaf, which is chockablock with cheese (both grated and chunked), bits of dried pear, bacon, nuts and sage, and very easy to make.  In fact, easy-to-make is the theme of the series.

The inspiration for this loaf struck when I was in Reims, the capital of France’s Champagne region, where our first flute of Champagne was accompanied by cubes of a savory ham-and-cheese cake.  I loved the idea of wine and cake and went on a quickbread quest, baking loaves with all kinds of add-ins (a really liked sun-dried tomatoes, black olives and parmesan) and serving them with all kinds of aperitifs.  This is both a form and a recipe that lends itself to playing around — something I find irresistible and think you might, too.  

Photo by Laura Letinsky