Tales of Julia: Part 2

Do you know how confusing it can be?  This morning I got a package, a lovely umbrella with sweet little kitties all over it.  It was a Christmas present from some people named Sam and Sally.  Do you have any idea who they are?  I don’t!  Why didn’t they write their last names?  It would have been so sensible. 

We must never make this mistake.  Now I am always going to give my full name – and I think you should, too!

Happy, happiest holidays to you and Michael and Joshua, from Julia Child.

PS: As resolved as Julia was at the moment, it didn’t last: I never got another message in which Julia gave herself full title.  Of course, I didn’t need it …

———- There’s so much appearing about Julia now that it’s almost impossible to keep up, but here are two goodies that I hope those of you who love Julia won’t miss:


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