Ta Da: Around My French Table’s Cover and a Few Shots From Behind-the-Scenes

alan richardson setting up for Around My French Table.jpg

Some of the food for the book, like the gougeres, was shot around my Connecticut table. We’d cook, cook, cook, shoot, shoot, shoot and then eat, eat, eat.  Oh, and drink too — after all, what’s a French meal without wine?

I’m thrilled with the book and can’t wait until you can see it.  It’s a big book (it’s just a tad longer than Baking) and it’s got more than 300 recipes for the food I love to cook and eat in France.  There are recipes for food I make at home, food my friends make at home and food I fell in love with in simple bistros, wonderful markets and pastry shops throughout the country.  There are recipes for nibbles and hors d’oeuvres and great first courses and salads; recipes for main courses of every kind; soups, of course; vegetables, naturally; and more than 50 terrific desserts, all delicious, all do-able and all fun to do.

Oh, and those gougeres that Alan was setting up for?  Here’s my shot of them– wait until you see his:

gougeres from Around My French Table.jpg