Surprise, it’s …???

But on to dinner, which was held in the scenery workshop – although you wouldn’t have thought that’s where we were.  I know, if a theater company can’t create a set, who can?  From where I sat, it looked like every one of the 200 guests could have been gold-star members of the clean-plate club.  All of the dishes, from the grilled vegetable appetizer to the berry tartlet, were polished off, but there was one thing left on every plate that held the filet of beef:  that red, furry thing in the picture.

No one ate it and no one I asked knew what it was. 

Turns out it’s amaranth!  Because I’d never seen it in its “fresh” state – in fact, I think I’ve only seen it as flour – I tucked the stem into Michael’s lapel and brought it home to taste in the privacy of my own kitchen.  And here’s the report:  I still don’t have a clue what it tastes like.  This one (which might be more accustomed to being in decorative gardens than farmers’ fields) tasted just like the beef it rode in on! 

Dorie Greenspan