Sardines: Not so much on this side of the pond

The last time I was in Paris, I brought a few cans of sardines back with me


because, while I can get pretty much anything in New York, including these really good Portuguese sardines


the selection at my local Stop&Shop in Connecticut is not great.  And, last night I discovered that it’s about to become even less not-great.  See these cans of Bumble Bee sardines? 


I picked them up last night for 50 cents a can because the store is discontinuing them. 

I guess we’re not a sardine-savoring society in these parts, but it made me sad.  Here’s a food, a real food, that’s inexpensive (even when it’s not on sale), high in protein, iron, calcium and precious omega-3 fatty acids (the stuff we’re all supposed to have a couple of times a week), and it’s going off the shelves. 

I didn’t notice any discontinued signs in the chips department. 

Dorie Greenspan