Ronnybrook Milk Bar:Soups, Shakes, Salads and More at the Market

But unless you’re a designer and want to see what Mark Sarosi (above), who spent four years with David Rockwell (aka, Mr. Restaurant Design), has done with the space – okay, even if you’re not a designer, you should see it:  look at the way the milk crates lining the walls pull out for extra seating:


you need to go for the soda-fountain treats – the shakes and ice cream cones, the lavender-infused milk (yum), the floats – and the food.  The menu is so appealing and the ingredients so terrific – as much as possible, Mark is trying to source his products from other local farms – that it’s just not easy to figure out what you want.

Cast-iron eggs with roasted mushrooms, Ronnybrook’s farmer cheese (I love good farmer cheese) and herbs?

Country-style turkey meatballs over buttered egg noodles with sweet cream gravy?

Roasted herbed Berkshire pork sandwich with avocade aioli (a great idea) and watercress on 7-grain bread?

If the world were a perfect place, we’d have a Ronnybrook Milk Bar near us no matter where we lived and the adorable Mark to whip up shakes for us at the first sign of an urge to slurp.


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