Roll-Out Cookies: A Shortcut

Here’s what I did: As soon as the dough was mixed, I divided it and placed each piece of dough between two sheets of wax paper and gently rolled the dough to the thickness I needed (in this case, the dough was about 1/8-inch thick).  I then slid the “sandwich” onto a cutting board and chilled the dough for an hour or so until it was very firm.  (Since this dough has a lot of chocolate it in, it firms quickly and thoroughly.)


Because the straight-from-the-mixer dough was soft, the rolling was easy; because the straight-from-the-fridge dough was hard, the cutting was easy – a happy combination of conditions.

This wasn’t the first time I’d used this technique – it’s what I do pretty routinely with shortbread cookies (actually, with sticky shortbread dough I scoop the dough into a zipper-lock plastic bag, roll it to fill the bag, chill it, then slit the bag and cut the dough into squares with a knife – I get the perfect thickness that way), but as I was rolling and cutting, it occurred to me — again — that it’s a cool technique for making fast work of what can be a fussy job.

Dorie Greenspan