Raspberry-Cranberry Cheesecake: For Now and For Thanksgiving Too

Driscoll’s raspberries are wonderful all through the year, but having them in the late fall and winter is a special pleasure: When the days are short and cold and sunlight often elusive, fresh berries brighten our spirit as much as they pick-up a dish.  That they’re beautiful and seem to shout ‘holiday’ is the bonus.

Since the raspberries are gorgeous and so terrific with the cream cheese and spice cookies, once I decided to add them to the recipe, I wanted to add lots and lots of them.  I hold to the theory that too much of a good thing is just right.  Of course, I put them on top of the cake, but when I hit on making the jazzy raspberry-cranberry jam, I knew I was onto something.  The jam, which comes together in under 10 minutes, is a brilliant jewel tone and so good that you’ll want to make it as a stand-alone treat.  (Use a little less sugar and you can serve it with turkey, chicken or a pork roast.)  

To crown Le Cheesecake, I spread the cooled jam over the top, squiggled on concentric circles of whipped cream and then popped fresh raspberries between the cream.  It’s a knock-out.

 Thank you, Driscoll’s, for asking me to riff on one of my favorite recipes in Baking Chez Moi.  I love it even more with the addition of fresh raspberries and that glistening jam and adore that it’s now perfect for the holidays. 

To get the recipe, head over to Driscoll’s recipe page.  While you’re there, check-out the video, too.

And if you riff on my riff, let me know.  There are tens of bonne idées yet to be discovered.



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