Pumpkin Time – Already

Yesterday, in preparation for a 40-degree-or-less evening, I picked the last of the tomatoes that were hanging on the withered vines and today I bought my first pumpkin.

At the Madison Farmer’s MarketFriday afternoon, Margaret Sapir, whose Wave Hill Bread has been one of the great treats of the summer, was listening to her regulars do some anticipatory moaning:  “Oh, what am I going to do without your bread this winter?” they groaned. 

Wave hill bread 1  

Turns out we might not have to sacrifice – Margaret and her husband/biz partner, Mitch Rapoport, are thinking of delivering to area specialty shops when the outdoor markets close down.  Good news for those of us who buy enough of her bread for the week and have to triage the freezer space.  Wave Hill Bread or homemade tomato sauce?  No one should ever have to decide.

And this morning at the Lyme Farmer’s Market, even though Lydia’s Cut-Your-Own Garden was still full of blossoms, it was all mums and pumpkins already so big you could carve an entire family of hobgoblins on them.

 Lyme market

I’m having an I-miss-summer moment despite being in sight of the morning glories, indifferent to the rust-colored leaves behind them, which only just bloomed today.

Morning glories

I wonder if this sense of seasonal topsy-turvy has anything to do with my being on assignment to create some new recipes for Thanksgiving.  Do you think that digging cranberries out of the freezer (thank goodness I always have a stash) to make a turkey go-along could have me thinking I’m in a time-flying machine?  Sounds right, doesn’t it?