Paris: The Mark of the Veliber

You know how you can tell surfers by their hair?  Skateboarders by their chains?  Dancers by their turned-out toes?  Well, new as Velibers are to the sport, they’ve got their give-away too.

Here I am showing my mark of the Veliber to David Lebovitz (thanks for the picture, David):


Can you see how grimy my palm is?  I’ve taken six Velib bikes and six times I’ve ended up grubby.  I think it comes from unlatching the bike. Or maybe it happens when I adjust the height of the seat, which I always have to do – who knew that I was so short or that the Parisians were so tall?  Whatever it is, it’s messy!

Given that the program’s inventors seem to have thought of almost everything, I’m sure they’ll think of something nifty to clean-up this problem.  I’m hoping for a (stylish) Purell dispenser at every station.


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