Paris Sweets: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Miss Gla Gla Ispahan from Pierre Herme.jpg

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Pierre Herme was a very early Parisian ice-cream sandwichmaker.  When he created Miss Gla Gla, I remember that the sandwiches made news.  "Gla Gla" is the French equivalent of Brrrrrrrrrrr and I Pierre once told me that it was a sound that kids made when they were cold.  Well, as childish as ‘gla gla’ may be,  that’s how sophisticated her namesake sandwiches are.  This the Ispahan Miss Gla Gla.  The cookies are rose macarons and the ice cream is really sorbet, a swirl of rose-lychee sorbet and raspberry sorbet. In New York, Francois Payard is making similar macaron-and-swirled-sorbet sandwiches — sorry, I don’t have a picture (but you’ll find one on his site) — and serving them at Francois Chocolate Bar. 

Ice cream sandwiches are the treat-of-the-summer in New York.  Before I left, it seemed like every other email I got was about a new creation.  Now I’m going to keep my eyes open for  great ice cream sandwiches here.  It’s almost time for dinner …


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