Paris: Shiitakes, Sheep Dip and California Burgers

 The story is extraordinary, but it’s not nearly as interesting as the whisky itself.  (Actually, because of it’s odd history and passage into spiritland, it can’t be called Scotch Whisky, but you won’t care.)  After all those years of lazing around in barrels, the whisky is deep and layered and mysterious and soft and smooth and wildy aromatic and just plain delicious.  After a sniff and a sip, I did something that surprised even me — without even thinking, I dabbed a drop of it behind each ear!  Really, it should be perfume. Of course I wanted to buy a bottle immediately, but I — and you — will have to wait just a wee bit. The spirit is will be distributed in America by Frederick Wildman and a small shipment — of course there isn’t much of this stuff — is making its way to shops now.

Cantine California



Finally, a quick look at what greeted us when we stepped into the Boulevard Raspail market on Tuesday: a burger and taco truck!  Cantine California is new on the new Parisian food-truck scene and the fact that they’ve got a following doesn’t seem surprising.  The owner, Jordan Feilders, is a Canadian/American with a charm that translates in any language.  The truck, a Citroen from the ’50s, is painted UPS brown and gold and the kitchen would be the envy of any chef.  (Okay, I had kitchen-envy when I saw it.) Tacos, burgers, hand-cut sweet potato fries, French toast and Red Velvet cupcakes.  All organic.  To eat at the market or to pack up and take to the park.