Paris Bake Sale/New York City Dreams


Because I’ve never been to a bake sale that wasn’t raising money for something important, I asked what this one was in aide of.  As the girls giggled and nudged one another to try to get someone to speak up, the teacher finally explained that the class – 23 students and 3 teachers – was going to New York City! And that it was part of a ‘twinning program’ – their Big Apple twins from the ISchool in Soho would be coming to Paris in a couple of weeks and they’d go to NYC in April.
To say that they were excited would be to short-change their ardor a thousand fold.
So, if you’re in Paris from February 11 to 25 and you see a bunch of American kids wandering the streets, say “hi”.  And if you’re in New York City from April 7 to 21 and see the French students, don’t forget to say “bonjour”.
PS: If the idea of a bake sale gets you thinking, don’t forget Gretchen Holt-Witt’s book, Best Bake Sale Ever.  It will tell you everything you need to know about organizing a successful bake sale and, because all good bake sales have good causes, the profits from the sale of the book go to a really important cause: Cookies For Kids Cancer.


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