Our Man in Paris, David Turecamo Does Lunch … With 3-Year Olds

Of course there’s a cheese course and of course it’s different every day — finish 2 years of school and you could theoretically finish a tasting tour of the country’s cheeses.  One of the days that David visits, bouillabaisse is on the menu.  A mother of one of the lucky 3-year olds calls the menu ‘a work of art’.

And as though creating a monthly menu for the little ones wouldn’t be challenging enough, each child goes home with a supplemental menu: suggestions for what parents should serve for dinner each night.  After all, if fish was on the lunch menu, you wouldn’t want your child to have it again for dinner, would you?  I love this!

David mentions that the lunch we’re seeing the kids eat costs about $5 per student per day — more than most school systems can afford to spend, I think.  And then he takes us to see another school, the one where the former casino chef is cooking, where the cost is about half that.  Still, that ratatouille encased in homemade and prettily fluted puff pastry looks awfully good.

It’s a fascinating peek at how the country is bringing up its kids.

And here’s a story from The New York Times talking about ways some people would like to change the Big Apple’s lunch program.  We’ve all got the same ideas about how we want our kids to eat, now we’ve just to figure out how to make it a reality.


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