Because with a baby of her own, a husband and a job, Susan didn’t think she could bake enough cookies for her cousin and his troopmates, she put out a call for help to her buddies at Tuesdays with Dorie and Daring Bakers.

In an instant, the baking brigade grew (add this to the list of things proving that bakers are among the world’s most generous souls) and Susan started OPERATION BAKING GALS.

The plan is that once a month the “gals” (an acronym for Give A Little Support) will bake for one of their friends or relatives stationed overseas and that everyone will mail their packages at the same time.

Susan’s cousin will be the first to get a cookie care package and Susan tells me she’s sending the Whoppers, of course, as well as World Peace Cookies (page 138) because, as she says, “What goes better with a soldier in need than World Peace?”

If you’d like to bake with the gals, sign up here.


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