One-Pot Spaghetti: Dinner for the Snowed-In

I created this recipe for my 1-2-3 Eats! column in Parade, from a dish I’d been making — and playing around with — forever.  This is the pared down version, made with staples that I’ve always got in the cupboard.  Of course, depending on your larder or what you’ve got in the fridge, you can change the dish around alot.

I always keep pasta sauce in the kitchen, but you could certainly use crushed or diced tomatoes (I like the ones in tomato puree).  If you’ve got fresh tomatoes, you can whirl a few of them around in a blender or processor and toss them with the pasta — if they’re not very saucy, use a little more olive oil.

Fresh herbs are a great addition as is grated-at-the-last-minute lemon or orange zest.

And, of course, you can swap canned salmon or sardines for the tuna.  You can also skip the fish or sbustitute cooked shredded chicken or some diced tofu.

Finally, while I like serving an arugula salad (dressed with olive oil, fresh lemon juice or white balsamic vinegar) with this dish, I prefer to serve the salad on top of  the dish.  Do that, and you’ll still have a one-pot meal.


Makes 4 servings

1/2 pound spaghetti
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 small onion, chopped
1 1/4 cups pasta sauce
6 pitted olives, chopped
2 tablespoons capers, drained
One 5-oz. can tuna, drained
Salt and red pepper flakes

Cook the pasta following package directions.  Drain, keep aside, and put the pot back on the stove over low heat.

Add the oil and onion and cook, stirring, for 1 minute.  Stir in the sauce, olives and capers and bring to a gentle boil.  Simmer for 3 minutes, to heat through, then flake the tuna and add it to the sauce.  Cook 1 minute more.

Add the spaghetti to the pot and stir it around to reheat it and coat it evenly with sauce.  Season to taste with salt and red pepper flakes and serve immediately.


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