On Parade: Three Recipes for Good Food from the Pantry

Click over to take a look at the recipes and, when you do, take a look at the dressing for the Waldorf Salad — I really like the technique of mixing the mayo with silken tofu and I think, knowing how creative so many of you are, you might find lots of other ways to use it.

I could have come up with bunches more recipes because canned tuna and sardines really are staples in our house.  And while my mother wouldn’t have been caught dead serving either of these things to company, I love putting out the Lemony Sardine Spread with drinks.  Of course, it’s good with crackers or crusty bread, but it’s also good stuffed into little cherry or grape tomatoes, spread on cucumbers, radishes or apple wedges or scooped up with potato chips. 

Yup, potato chips.  Try it with Pringles and see if you don’t think it’s a great combination.  I know, I know, what’s not good with Pringles …


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