Of French Gnomes and Elfen Friends

That’s Audrey “Amelie” Tatou up there with her gnome (thank you Miramax).  Cute, I know, but not cute enough to make a gnome-lover out of me.  Even after the celebrated designer, Philippe Starck, whose work I love, created a family of garden gnomes (here’s one)


I still wasn’t about to make a place for a gnome in my garden, my home or my heart.

But it turns out that my little corner of Connecticut must be a hotbed of anonymous gnomial activity because, unseen, unheard and uninvited, the gnomes turned up.

I mean, take a look at this – it’s what I found in my garden earlier this summer, just after returning from Paris


Pretty fabulous, isn’t it?  And obviously the work of gnomes, right?  Who else would do such a thing?

Then yesterday, Michael and I pulled up to the house and, as I always do, I jumped out of the car and went directly to the garden.  Here’s what I found


To you, this might look like an ordinary scarecrow.  But to me, it looks precisely like a mini female edition of Abner, the scarecrow who lives up the block.  Could Abner have wandered down and bequeathed me his firstborn?  I don’t think so.  It’s got to be the gnomes at work again.

Next thing I know, the ghost of Christmas past will be hovering over the garden.

If this keeps up, I might just start believing in the tooth fairy.  In the meantime, I’ll keep believing in the adorableness of my friends.


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