NY Times Bestseller List + Amazon Best Cookbook of 2010 + Superstitions + YOU: What A Week!

Actually, this is not so different from what happened when I sold my first book.  When the proposal was accepted, a friend sent me a bottle of Champagne.  I didn’t open the bottle right away because it seemed that just getting an editor to accept my idea wasn’t enough – I decided to save the bottle until I’d written the book.  Then the manuscript was written and accepted and I decided to wait until the book was published.  And then the book was published and I thought maybe I should wait to celebrate until the first review came out.  I guess I don’t have to tell you that that bottle of Champagne was never opened.

Nineteen years later I’m still a chronic worrier, but some things have changed.  Last week, when the news of Around My French Table  making The Times Bestseller List hit, I received a  bottle of Champagne …

… and I opened it!

And I toasted all the people who worked to make the book – books are the epitome of a team project – and YOU, my wonderful readers.  I’m sorry you weren’t around my table to share the happiness because without you, none of this could have happened.

Thank You and Merci and Cheers and Santé!

Dorie Greenspan