Moving: It’s Madness!

But not in the kitchen.  At least not now.  And maybe not for a while — the contractor hasn’t finished yet (yes, things are the same the world over) and the oven couldn’t get up the staircase and there was a petit leak in the bathroom. 

And internet service?  “It will appear magically,” is a rough translation of what Mme. France Telecom told me, and so we must wait. 

All this to say that you might not be hearing much from me for a little while.  (Although, if I can find a cozy internet spot and some time, I am going to try to respond to comments and, if I can unpack my books, come up with the list of cookies Victoria requested for Operation Baking Gals.)

Thank you all so very much for your well wishes — I needed them and it looks like I’ll need them for a bit more.

A bientot — I hope.


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