Michael Laiskonis: Ace Pastry Chef/New Blogger

For his first post, Michael muses on “The Egg” and gives a recipe – pictured above – for an eggshell filled with milk chocolate creme brulee, caramel sauce and caramel foam and topped with a drizzle of maple syrup and a few flakes of Maldon sea salt.  It’s a showstopping restaurant dessert that can be accomplished chez you with patience and two pieces of fancy, fun equipment – an egg-topper and a whipped cream siphon.  I think  it could also be made in teensy espresso cups (and I hope Michael doesn’t mind my suggesting this for us homebakers).

Whether you make the egg or not, you’ll find interesting thoughts about eggs, the recipe’s roots (as soon as I saw it and the words “maple syrup,” I thought of Alain Passard in Paris and, indeed, Michael acknowledges Passard as a source of inspiration here) and Michael’s way of working.

I’m really happy to have another friend in the ether – I think you’ll be, too.


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