Menu for Hope: Autographed Cookbooks – My Prize is #UE32

Mine is just one of many wonderful prizes that bloggers from all over the world are offering to raise money for the School Lunch Program in Lesotho.  Raffles cost $10 each and, of course, there’s no limit on the number of raffles you can purchase or the number of  prizes you can bid on.

To see a master list of raffle prizes, go to Chez Pim, where Menu for Hope started.

To see a list of prizes from the US’s East Coast contingent, visit Jaden Hair at Steamy Kitchen.  Jaden’s this year’s host for this part of the world.

You can learn all about MENU FOR HOPE at either Chez Pim or Steamy Kitchen.  It’s an extraordinary program that Pim started five years ago.  All of the money that’s collected goes to the UN World Food Program and through them to the School Lunch Program in Lesotho, Africa.

Last year, bloggers and their generous readers raised almost $100,000!  Things are harder this year — we all know that — but it doesn’t stop us from hoping that we can do as well this year. 

Take a look at the prizes — they’re fabulous — and, if you can, buy a raffle.  I’ll be crossing my fingers for all of you, hoping you get the prizes you want.

Click here to learn how to buy your raffles.

Merci Pierre and Patricia.


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