L’Oeuf Neuf: A new way to cook an egg, with thanks to Buvette

 Steamed eggs seem preternaturally light and they are, well, steaming hot, hotter than eggs off the griddle.   That they are so hot and stay hot for a while convinces me that I could make them one-at-a-time when friends come for dinner.  I want to serve them with mushrooms or asparagus or leeks as a starter.  Or maybe with something salty, like fish roe (or caviar) or bottarga or … you can see how quickly the eggs inspire good ideas.

steamed egg and ricotta.jpg
And then, that night, I made myself a little dinner.  This time I added a splash of cold water to the egg and I think it was the water that made the egg even fluffier and lighter.  Okay, I’ll say it: made it ethereal!  I put the egg on some lightly toasted bread, spooned some salad next to it and then drizzled oil over the egg and finished it with a little ricotta that I’d mixed with chives, parsley, dill, lemon zest and olive oil.  Once again, swell.  
Merci Buvette – I needed a new obsession.