Licorice, Again: Combos Odd and Odder

And, while we’re on odd, here’s another offbeat match-up: Sauvignon blanc and black Panda Licorice from Finland.  Because this idea came from smart and talented Martha Holmberg, food editor of The Oregonian, I’ve got high hopes for it.

(Actually, writing this I realize I’ve probably lost my touch as a reporter – why didn’t I ask Martha how she ever came to put these two things together?  It’s not exactly evident, as the French say.)

Well, the Panda is ready to roll and the wine is chilling in the fridge.  And, just to prove that I think the duo has promise, I’m going with a good wine:  a South African sauvignon blanc from Mulderbosch in the Stellenbosch region.  I’ll report back.


Two Hours Later:  I can’t figure out why, but Martha is right:  it’s a really good combination!  The most characteristic flavors of both the licorice and the wine seem to be intensified – you get more anise, more grapefruit.  It’s kind of fun, but also kind of esoteric.  I don’t think the combo is likely to replace gougeres and Kir as my favorite aperitif this summer, but I can see it as a Sunday afternoon snack – it would go great with a crossword puzzle.



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