Lemongrass-Ginger Sipper: A Constant Companion

If I recall, Jean-Georges treated the mix as a real tea, steeping the ingredients in boiling water and then serving the tea sans chunks of anything.  I do that if I’m serving this after dinner to guests — you’d be surprised what a great digestif it makes– but for myself, when I’m having the tea computer-side, I don’t bother with a pot or a strainer.

In fact, I don’t even bother peeling the ginger or taking away the outer husk of the lemongrass, both things I’d do if I were cooking with these ingredients.  I just cut a few slices of ginger and an inch or so of lemongrass — with the exception of the tippy top of the lemongrass, which is tough and reedy, I use all of the stalk — drop the bits in a heatproof glass, pour in a little honey and then fill with hot water.  And when it’s all gone, I fill’er up again.  You’d be surprised how many refills you can get out of a few slices of these hot and spicy ingredients.  Even on round three or four, this isn’t a drink for the flavor-fragile.

It’s still chilly here and so I’m still drinking the tea hot, but when the weather changes, I’ll brew it double-strength and sip it over ice.  In fact, writing this gave me an idea — I wonder if I could brew it quadruple strength, give it more honey or some sugar syrup and turn it into a sorbet.  Hmmmm.


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