Hungry For Paris

And really, so is Alec, who is a friend of mine and the best dining companion on any side of the Atlantic.  Alec is an American who’s lived in Paris for over 20 years, has watched the Paris scene since his arrival, and has reported on it for many, many publications, most notably as Gourmet’s European Correspondent, all of which doesn’t tell you the important stuff about Alec: he’s top-of-the-class smart, charming, so funny that I never go out with him without making sure I have a handkerchief, so I can dab away the inevitable tears of laughter (I also make sure not to wear mascara that can run), boundlessly talented and deeply passionate about food and restaurants.  After years of eating out, thousands of restaurants and just as many articles about his adventures, Alec is still in love with the scene – and it’s all on the page.


Can you tell I’m crazy about him?  And can you see why?

Funny, but I think that when you read Hungry for Paris, you’ll be able to tell why.  You’ll also be a lot more savvy about Paris restaurants.  In addition to what Alec calls “portraits” of the 102 restaurants, there’s a section about “how to have a perfect meal in Paris,” a glossary of French food, quick summaries of each restaurant, indexes of restaurants by type and price, and, at the end of each chapter, a not-to-be-missed story.

I’ve lived in Paris for a while and I know a lot about the city’s restaurants, but still, as I read through Hungry for Paris, I found myself sticking Post-its on tens of pages.  Bet you will, too.

If you want to follow Alec as he travels around, visit his new website.


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