Hold the Bag, Get a Reward


They’re made of recycled newspaper, come from Guatemala and will look terrific on my wood table, so I bought four of them (and yes, for the quality, look and price – $6 each – I should have bought more).  When the trivets were wrapped in one thin piece of recycled paper, the shopkeeper asked me if I wanted a bag and, before I could even say “no” or whip out my trusty black carry-all, she offered me a bribe: “If you don’t take a bag, I’ll give you a piece of chocolate!” 


Now that’s a deal!  Good for the planet/good for the palate. 

I know that goodness should be its own reward – and carrying your own bag, so that you don’t have to use more paper and plastic is good and rewarding – but a little bit of chocolate never hurt. 

Dorie Greenspan