Hello, Cupcake! Hello, Fun!


a field of sunflowers, a litter of Westies, a garden planted with peas and carrots and the craziest crazy horses made with circus peanuts, creme wafers, twist pretzels and gobs of frosting straight from the supermarket shelf.  In fact, all of the giggle-guaranteed cupcakes in Hello, Cupcake are made with supermarket stuff and require not a bit of baking talent.  It’s pure fun!

And the fun comes from friends of mine, the photographer Alan Richardson, and the woman Gourmet magazine called the "cake whisperer," Karen Tack, both of whom I credit with making Baking From My Home to Yours beautiful.  (Alan took the pictures for my book and Karen was the food stylist.)

Working together in Karen’s Connecticut kitchen, the team created a collection of cupcakes so completely heart-winning — and whacky (wait until you see the little kid cupcakes having a slumber party!) — that you’ll find yourself grinning and giggling even before you’ve got your first cake in hand.

I’m not a good predictor, but I think it’s a safe bet that within weeks we’ll be seeing Hello, Cupcake Clubs.  Me, I’m thinking of becoming a club-of-one and starting with the mama and baby owl cupcakes made with some of my favorite things:  Oreos (regular and mini), Junior Mints, chocolate-covered sunflower seeds and M&Ms.  What a hoot, right?



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