Hello, Cupcake! A Peek Behind the Scenes

the sprinkle armoire.jpg

I looked around the room, but all I saw was the dining room table, a buffet and a beautiful French carved-wood armoire.  Karen opened the large armoire and there they were: sprinkles, sprinkles and more sprinkles. 

After 8 hours in the house, I couldn’t take it any longer – I asked permission to break into the jellybean bin.  I nibbled at the jellies, but I didn’t finish them off.  After all, I would have felt terrible if Karen and Alan found themselves in short supply of a penguin’s foot, or a pirate’s pistol or who-knows-what else.  You’d be amazed at what they can do with the stuff our mother’s always told us we couldn’t have.

If you haven’t seen Hello, Cupcake!, you must.  And for all you Hello, Cupcake fans, more’s on the way: What’s New, Cupcake? comes out in April.

Dorie Greenspan